Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Little Black Dress...

miss rose fashion stylist
The little black dress is a must-have wardrobe piece. We've all heard this. So why do we have to have it? Because it's timeless, sexy and can be styled any way we like. Wear it once with one set of accessories, wear it again with another. And then wear it again a few months later with next season's accessories. Pair it with stockings and coats in winter or with a pair of wedges or sky-high heels in summer.

For this post I chose one with a peplum - a current fashion favourite.

Have you got your all-time favourite little black dress? You might, or you don't, or you want to add another to your collection. And if you're looking, how do you choose yours? Well, you could base your choice on the current fashion trends: peplum, leather, laser-cut, frills, lace or sheer. Or you could choose a dress based on your body shape.

So how are you going to style your little black dress? I've styled this one with these amazing white platforms and some rings and bracelets from Puzzle Jewellery.

little black dress



Shakuhachi Tassel High Heel
Little Black Dress

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