Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Checks On The Beach


I thought the 90's trend of tartan 'flanno' shirts was long gone and buried in the past. If I could've seen into the future, I probably would've fallen off my chair in surprise at seeing photos of myself wearing a plaid shirt in a fashion blog post.

Over the years I've watched tartan come and go in designer collections, but I was never drawn to this fabric until now. It's so easy to wear this checkered fabric - pair yours with leather pants (or faux leather), ripped jeans, or even shorts. Wear it buttoned up and tucked in or not tucked, tie it around your waist, or just wear it open over a white t-shirt.

Tartan button-up shirts are perfect for that cool and casual look, especially now that the 90's grunge trend is back. Make your look your own by choosing a plaid shirt in a your favourite colour.

So here I was, not long ago, unable to get these checkered fabrics out of my mind and I bought a shirt. And I love it! It's so soft and comfortable, and can be worn over almost everything. I chose a red/pink based colour for my top because believe it or not, pink is my favourite colour. I layered mine over a longer white t-shirt and added the shiny leggings to give it a little edge.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Last Minute Wonder

A few weeks ago I was invited to a party on a Friday night. Unfortunately, I was so busy that week that I forgot to organise my own outfit! Luckily, the fabulous ladies at Lalabazaar were SUPER AMAZING and helped me out. I am so grateful to them for their incredible service - they pulled out all the stops to help me get this stunning Cameo Star of Wonder dress on time. Ladies, I highly recommend Lalabazaar.com, you have to check them out.

FYI: I purchased this dress, it was not a gift.

The dress itself is a statement piece, so I kept the accessories simple - white strappy heels, some white and gold jewels, and a gold glitter clutch.

So back to that Friday night, I'm happy to say my outfit was a success and I danced the night away! Unfortunately, I was unable to post photos of the night on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as my phone was stolen that night just before I went home. Sad yes, but no worries, I have another now. So here's a mini shoot of my outfit (minus the clutch) plus a pair of sunnies to prevent me from squinting on this super sunny day.

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