Monday, 22 April 2013

It's Black & White

Black-and-white is one of my all-time favourite trends because it's so easy for anyone to wear and even easier to accessorise. So I was pretty happy to hear that this monochrome look is back for 2013.

Black and white is both classic and modern. The versatility and simplicity of this color-combo means it can be adapted to anyone's style and body shape. We can also use these two colors to shape our bodies - wearing black on the bottom half will give the illusion that it's smaller and wearing white on the top half will make it look a little bigger. This balances out feminine shapes and gives a more proportioned and elongated look.

I've chosen a classic white blazer and edgy faux leather leggings for my B&W outfit. My shoes are white with a yellow perspex heel - this and the rose gold rings add little pops of color.



Photographer's Bag

Photography by Nicki Murray and Brenton