Thursday, 26 September 2013

Heels and Shorts

I opened my eyes, saw the sunshine streaming in through my curtains and felt the warm breeze that was blowing my curtains in. I knew in an instant that it was the day I was finally going to put a pair of shorts on! You see, I really feel the cold, and even though I live in sunny Queensland, I hadn't put a pair of shorts on through all of winter.
Yes I wore skirts and dresses with coats and jackets, however I still hadn't worn a pair of shorts. Go figure. So on Saturday morning, while I chose my outfit to wear to lunch at a restaurant in Manly, I chose a pair of black tailored shorts that I bought a couple of years ago.
These black shorts are a classic style that I folded up once at the hem to expose a little more leg. I paired them with this loose, flowy top for a more casual daytime look. Well, at least casual was the look I was initially going for. I slipped on a pair of flat sandals, but before I walked out the door, I changed my shoes to my favourite white strappy heels. I suppose this choice of footwear dressed the outfit up more than I had initially intended to, but I was in a fun mood and couldn't resist these playful heels.
I accessorised this black and white monochrome outfit with gold trinkets on my neck, wrists and fingers. These gold details matched the gold hardware on my bag and tied the bag into the outfit.
So after lunch, we took some photos to record my first post winter outfit that includes shorts. As you can see, the warm breeze became a gusty wind! This may not have been good for my hairstyle, but it was obviously great for all the pretty sailing boats out in the bay that day.
The Giving Keys Necklace
Witchery Shorts

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