Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Last Minute Wonder

A few weeks ago I was invited to a party on a Friday night. Unfortunately, I was so busy that week that I forgot to organise my own outfit! Luckily, the fabulous ladies at Lalabazaar were SUPER AMAZING and helped me out. I am so grateful to them for their incredible service - they pulled out all the stops to help me get this stunning Cameo Star of Wonder dress on time. Ladies, I highly recommend Lalabazaar.com, you have to check them out.

FYI: I purchased this dress, it was not a gift.

The dress itself is a statement piece, so I kept the accessories simple - white strappy heels, some white and gold jewels, and a gold glitter clutch.

So back to that Friday night, I'm happy to say my outfit was a success and I danced the night away! Unfortunately, I was unable to post photos of the night on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as my phone was stolen that night just before I went home. Sad yes, but no worries, I have another now. So here's a mini shoot of my outfit (minus the clutch) plus a pair of sunnies to prevent me from squinting on this super sunny day.

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