Monday, 10 June 2013

Gold Rings

Gold rings are everywhere right now - in stores, in magazines, all over the internet, on bloggers... Gold bling is in. I love bling, especially gold bling. And that makes me pretty excited that gold rings in every shape and weight are in fashion right now.

From elegant slim gold bands to statement gold rings in bold shapes, all gold rings are currently trending. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, we're all sure to find the perfect gold rings to match each one of our individual wardrobes. Gold rings can be worn with anything and can be worn alone or in a bunch to achieve the current "stacked rings" look.

Gold rings also look expensive, don't you think? The color gold symbolises health, wealth and success, so for a bit of affordable luxury, slip one of these tiny treasures onto your finger.

Keeping up with this fashion trend doesn't have to break the bank, not with the availability of affordable costume jewels. However, if you do want the real deal, the bonus of gold is that it's also a classic, so if you do plan to spend a bit more on genuine gold rings, then know that your gold will always be fashionable.

All gold ring designs pictured are from Puzzle Jewellery

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